I had a chance to watch the movie last night and then again this morning.  It was very
 moving.  It spoke to what my entire ministry has evolved into and I feel that this message 
is as important as any message in the past 2000 years.
Just finished watching this movie and in my estimation it is probably one of the most
 important films ever made regarding spirituality and it is the key to the salvation of our 
lives on this planet and as well as the meaning of our existence. I'm feeling a lot of gratitude 
that these people put it together so that many more will have access to this understanding.
I played the movie for my older brother . He is an atheist and even he enjoyed it.
 That is a big compliment because he is very critical of documentaries and subjects 
on religion or spirituality. I loved it of course too. Hope to catch it on the big screen sometime soon!
Three Magic Words is so wonderfully written, and produced! Thank you so much! I have seen many
 videos and read many books on this wonderful truth! Three Magic Words even convinced my very
 dear hard core Christian friend!
Yesterday the Oregon State Penitentiary Chaplain's Office gave me the copy of 3 Magic Words that
 you sent to our meditation group. I showed it to about 10 inmates in the afternoon. They loved it. 
I want to thank you for your generosity for sending us the video w/o charge. It is a wonderful film
 and I will show it to about 50 additional inmates in about two weeks. After that, two prisons will
 show it to the entire general inmate population on the in-house prison movie channel. Through
that system 100's of additional inmates will be able to see it.
So, thanks you once again and know that, because of your work, in the Oregon Prison system there
 will be a number of lives touched very deeply and inspired to look deeply into themselves using the 
tool of the 3 Magic Words. I personally believe that what you are pointing to is the next step in 
criminal rehabilitation. Many of the inmates have seen What the Bleep, Thrive, The Secret,
What on Earth, etc. I think 3 Magic Words will have the most impact! -Blaze Compton
The message in it is profound. And what comes to my mind after watching it is that I think we don't need 
to know anymore than we already do to be enlightened. People like me are always looking for miracles,
 paranormal phenomenons as a sign of our spiritual growth or advance. However, in fact, what people 
like me are ignorant to is the fact that we are that miracle that we've been wanting to happen, we are 
that phenomenon that we've been dying to experience. Thank you for your inspirational work!
 Thank you for the three magic words!
"The most transformational film for the new age"
"We saw 3 Magic Words today, Loved it!"
For me this was a very intimate and personal experience. Every person will draw something
 unique from this film. I was moved by this 71 minute film in a plethora of ways, and my experience
 was surrounded by a few things that have been weighing heavily on my heart, mind and soul over 
the last few weeks. Things I had been pondering or questioning have been reaffirmed, solidified
 and/or answered for me. I urge you to take a few minutes before viewing to clear your mind,
 opening your entire self to the unknown of the field of infinite possibilities. Then relax, watch 
the film and draw from this film what your heart, mind and soul are thirsting for. Each person's 
experience will be different, no person's experience better or worse than anyone else. It is for
 you to decide how this film affects your life today and going forward. The "3 Magic Words" allow
 you to see people, animals, nature, etc. as they are all equally important in how we all make this
 world go round!! The "3 Magic Words" will seem shocking and odd when you first hear/see them,
but when you grasp the true meaning of them you are on your way to seeing yourself and this
 world with an entirely new set of eyes.
"Well done-its fabulous- the children in it are amazing - its so great.
It is shot beautifully- a remarkable achievement.
Now like my book its getting it out to the people so they awaken to
the truth!!!!"
"I just watched the film and it's truly wonderful. I had given up
watching spiritual films as they seemed so up their own asses etc.
This was so genuine. It was beautifully made with the right balance of
'drama' and documentary. The speakers were lovely. I loved the way it
was filmed and the music was great and ever changing without taking
away from the content. I will definitely be telling everyone about it.
I live in Bristol (112 miles due west of London) and there's a growing
awakening happening here."
Thank you Michael for an amazing evening. Your movie is an inspiring
work of art. I cannot wait to be blessed with your next work of art.
Thank you for your awesome presence and light, you truly shine through
your work and will touch and bring awareness to so many. 3 Magic Words
lifted me so high, I feel like I am walking on clouds, and have an amazing
sense of peace and calm. Namaste ♥♥♥
"Bought the DVD - simply amazing"
"Beautiful, wise, thought provoking, inspiring.....
you are an excellent filmmaker and I can see that it must have taken
a great deal of work to produce this masterpiece.
The visual effects are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen."
"The night was amazing. Everyone LOVED the film!! It's such an
incredibly open and conscious group that the discussion afterward was
fabulous as well. Everyone shared their answers out loud to Who Am I-
there were some brilliant responses."
"Just watch the movie finally, WOOOOW"
"Your movie is very beautiful and I am so inspired by your journey!
Thank you for having listened to your calling and acted on it,
continually surrendering, trusting and opening to the magic. I see
this movie positively impacting and inspiring many many people."
"I thought it was very well done and look forward to seeing more from you
in the future."
"Fabulous film!!"
"Love your work...great movie!"
“Overall it is very well presented, and a fantastic way to introduce some
very radical concepts (radical in 1954) to a culture that is now ready to
hear this fundamental truth. ”

“ Great meetup in Hollywood. The movie starts slowly and builds to the 
amazing "3 Magic Words" conclusion. ”



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3 Magic Words Movie

"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"