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“Bought the DVD – simply amazing” “Beautiful, wise, thought provoking, inspiring.

“I had a chance to watch the movie last night and then again this morning.  It was very moving.  It spoke to what my entire ministry has evolved into and I feel that this message is as important as any message in the past 2000 years"

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“ 3 Magic Words lifted me so high, I feel like I am walking on clouds, and have an amazing sense of peace and calm."

“Just finished watching this movie and in my estimation - it is probably one of the most important films ever made regarding our awakening and how to live our lives on this planet. I’m feeling a lot of gratitude that these people put it together so that many more will have access to this understanding"

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"Yesterday the Oregon State Penitentiary Chaplain’s Office gave me the copy of 3 Magic Words that you sent to our meditation group. I showed it to about 10 inmates in the afternoon. They loved it. It is a wonderful film and I will show it to about 50 additional inmates in about two weeks. After that, two prisons will show it to the entire general inmate population on the in-house prison movie channel. Through that system 100’s of additional inmates will be able to see it. So, thanks you once again and know that, because of your work, in the Oregon Prison system there will be a number of lives touched very deeply and inspired to look deeply into themselves using the tool of the 3 Magic Words. I personally believe that what you are pointing to is the next step in criminal rehabilitation. Many of the inmates have seen What the Bleep, Thrive, The Secret, What on Earth, etc. I think 3 Magic Words will have the most impact!"

Blaze Compton
Oregona State Penitentiary

"Every person will draw something unique from this film. I was moved by this 71 minute film in a plethora of ways, and my experience was surrounded by a few things that have been weighing heavily on my heart, mind and soul over the last few weeks. Things I had been pondering or questioning have been reaffirmed, solidified and/or answered for me. I urge you to take a few minutes before viewing to clear your mind, opening your entire self to the unknown of the field of infinite possibilities. Then relax, watch the film and draw from this film what your heart, mind and soul are thirsting for. Each person’s experience will be different,  It is for you to decide how this film affects your life today and going forward. The “3 Magic Words” will seem shocking and odd when you first hear/see them, but when you grasp the true meaning of them you are on your way to seeing yourself and this world with an entirely new set of eyes."

I am very very grateful for your Free DVD program as I know that this message is profound and can be life changing for those struggling to
find meaning and purpose in their lives.  It is truly magical. Our programs of recovery are based upon the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which in turn are
simply an avenue for our patients to regain a sense of spirituality. For those struggling with their own Higher Power concept, I know this
message will do a lot of good.

Matt Welacha
Gundersen Heath System
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Subtitles in 28 different Languages

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Includes Special Bonus features:

3rd Eye Opening Activation
Visual and Sound Experience

By the creators of the music and artwork in the film

"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"

Can 3 Words Change Your Life?

Discover The 3 Magic Words

There is a hidden power inside you that can be activated to help you achieve your highest potential.  3 Magic Words ignites this spark so that you can be happier, have better relationships, manifest more easily, accomplish your goals, act with more compassion, have more mental clarity,  and make a real difference in your life and others.

Awaken the Power within you

If you want to change your life, or if you just want to have a greater spiritual connection,  if you want learn how to be the greatest version of who you are, the transformation has to start from within.

Can Just 3 Words Change your life?

When you watch this film you will discover the true nature of who we really are and the power that you have.  This realization and the 3 Magic Words can re-program your subconsciousness mind.  Are you ready to experience a positive appreciation for everything that you have?  Live in the present moment and have a feeling of total joy and happiness? Are you ready to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, negativity and pain?


Experience the New Era in Consciousness

We truly live in amazing times.  We have come to a new understanding of how nature, science and consciousness all work together.  This Movie Experience will help you achieve super-conscious levels of your mind.  You will no longer see anything as a conflict or worry. You will develop a new appreciation for your life by shifting your perception of who you are.   This higher perception literally shifts your consciousness and your abilities to direct the life you want.   Everything we do, say, and think, shapes our reality and what we attract in our lives.

Voted the Top Transformational Film of 2012 by Awareguide

The 3 Magic Words Movie is here to lift you into a higher consciousness that will change your life.

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