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Our goal with 3 Magic Words is to translate the movie into every major language.  We are looking for translators to donate their time and help us translate the film for added subtitles. Become a part of the Starseed Team and help us bring the film to the world and transform many more lives.

We are looking for the following translators:

Indonesian, Mongolian, Korean, Farsi, Finnish, Czech, Danish, Greek, Icelandic, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam


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√ Hebrew          Shulamit Lev arie
√ Swedish         Linda Linnell
√ Italian            Francesco Lucca
√ Dutch             Leila El Moussaoui
√ Spanish          Aberdeen Captioning
√ German         Chrissy Lucia
√ Arabic            Hassan Awad
√ Chinese          Jing Qian
√ Hindi              Anuraag Maahindrau
√ Japanese        Aberdeen Captioning
√ Thai                Kavier Dacia
√ Portuguese     Carlos Ikemoto
√ Russian          Kristīna Jacuka
√ French           Lucien Mondesir
√ Norwegian      Annette Norderhaug
√ Hungarian      Fruzsina Varga
√ Tamil              Anuraag Mahindru
√ Hindi               Ms Soni Rai
√ Filipino           Johnny Michael Robledo
√ Croatian         Marijana Pontoni
√ Romanian       Zavoianu Cornelia-Vasilica
√ Polish              Gabriela Walaszek

"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"