Free DVD Program

Starseed Films will donate a copy of 3 Magic Words on DVD to any police station, hospital, correctional facility, drug rehabilitation or juvenile detention centers nationwide. That way it becomes available to many people for free as a healing resource. Request a free DVD for your facility using the contact form below.

Free DVD

Past Recipients
Rockdale County Correctional Facility
Oregon State Penitentiary

Family & Adolescent Counseling Services

A Sober Way Home
Byron Integrated Medicine
Meadowood Community House
New Brunswick Community College
Iowa State Prison
Wellness and Recovery Center North
Tahoe Turning Point
North Carolina Correctional Facility
Glasgow Regeneration Agency
Illinois Youth Center
Gila River Indian Reservation
Juneau County Wisconsin District Attornies Office
Miller Education Center East, Hillsboro OR
Juneau County District Attorney Differed Program
Outreach Training Institute
Penticton Discovery House
Vancouver Public Library
Boys & Girls Club of America
Unity House For Men
Unity House For Women

Reviews from Correctional facilities:
I am very very grateful for your Free DVD program as I know that this message is profound and can be life changing for those struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives.  It is truly magical. Our programs of recovery are based upon the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which in turn are simply an avenue for our patients to regain a sense of spirituality. For those struggling with their own Higher Power concept, I know this message will do a lot of good. - Matt Welacha, Gundersen Heath System
Yesterday the Oregon State Penitentiary Chaplain’s Office gave me the copy of 3 Magic Words that you sent to our meditation group. I showed it to about 10 inmates in the afternoon. They loved it. I want to thank you for your generosity for sending us the video w/o charge. It is a wonderful film and I will show it to about 50 additional inmates in about two weeks. After that, two prisons will show it to the entire general inmate population on the in house prison movie channel. Through  that system 100′s of additional inmates will be able to see it.So, thanks you once again and know that, because of your work, in the Oregon Prison system there will be a number of lives touched very deeply and inspired to look deeply into themselves using the tool of the 3 Magic Words. I personally believe that what you are pointing tois the next step in criminal rehabilitation. Many of the inmates have seen What the Bleep, Thrive, The Secret, What on Earth, etc. I think3 Magic Words will have the most impact! -Blaze Compton, Oregon State Penitentiary

"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"

Can 3 Words Change The Life?