A beautiful representation of the Universe

3 Magic Words: The Movie; Reviewed by Emily A. Filmore

by Emily » Sun May 06, 2012 4:14 pm
3 Magic Words: The Movie
Directed by Michael Perlin

"The day everyone accepts the responsibility of being one with God is the day we make our world more peaceful, loving and spiritual."
-Michael Perlin

This film is a beautiful representation of the Universe and our place within it. It ponders the questions

"Who Am I?" and "Why am I here?" Filled with breathtaking images and music it encourages us to explore ourselves, our souls and our role in the universe. Guided by commentary from philosophers, authors, teachers and artists, (including Kute Blackson, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, and Susan Shumsky) the film will assist you in awakening to Who You Really Are.

The "3 Magic Words" which are revealed toward the end of the film may feel like a bit of a surprise to you; yet at the same time they will feel like a mantra your soul has been repeating over and over and over again. Parents will enjoy the message and will be excited to share it with their children. Children will love the imagery and even though some of it might seem "too complicated" compared to what we believe our children can understand, they remember more than we realize and they will feel the truth, the love and comfort of the "3 Magic Words." This movie will fill you with hope, empowerment, trust in yourself and a deeper understanding of your connection to the source! It will also be a great vehicle to open family discussions about life, connectedness, and love/God/Source/The All!

**As always, we encourage you to preview material prior to sharing with your children. At the beginning of this film there is some content which alludes to drugs, alcohol and possible self-harm – which is used as a vehicle to open the discussion about why it is important to know who you really are, what you are here for, and challenges you might face. However, this portion is short lived and does not in this writer's opinion detract from the entire film. You may choose though, depending on the age of your child, to fast forward through this part if you feel it is too heavy of content for your child.**

Please note: We love this movie so much that we decided to become an affiliate!
Emily A. Filmore Creative Co-Director,

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