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3 Magic Words comes to Atlanta GA



michaelnewThe 3 Magic Words Movie Experience comes to Atlanta Georgia
Join us for a sacred crystal bowl meditation and then a screening of the movie.
Director Michael Perlin will be appearing for Q/A after the film.

1) Showing of a critically acclaimed inspirational documentary:

2) Meet CREATOR/DIRECTOR of the movie; Mr Michael Perlin!

3) Crystal Bowl Meditation session at Healium.

4) Potluck-style schmoozing & Q/A with Director after movie.

Cost: ONLY…. $10/pp CASH Donation at door ($5/pp with bottle or dish).
 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Healium Center
344 Candler Park Drive, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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The Star King Movie

starakThe Star King is a Metaphysical Adventure about the life of King Akhenaton, the most unusual king in Egyptian history, who mysteriously appeared in 1353 B.C. and took the throne in Egypt. Something very strange happened in the 18th dynasty and Akhenaton and his Queen Nefertiti virtually disappeared from  history until 1920 when the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti was discovered under a pile of rubble.

Imagine if you had the power to change the course of our spiritual evolution during the cradle of civilization but you were ridiculed and bastardized for introducing humanitarian concepts that were way ahead of their time;  then your name and your entire family was erased from history and you were called a “Heretic”. This is what happened to King Akhenaton.  Creating more awareness about this mysterious king will help people come to know Akhenaton and help us correct Earth’s history.

Watch the video

And help us re-write history!

King Akhenaton gave so much to our spiritual evolution and was almost forgotten in time. Through this film we will return his legacy and place his name in the minds of millions who will come to know who he really was and what he did for the human race.

Starseed Films
A Metaphysical Film Company

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3 Magic Words Screening March 13th in North Hollywood

3 Magic Words MovieJoin the Guests in the film for a Screening of 3 Magic Words at the Global Truth Life Center in North Hollywood on March 13th.

The screening will begin at 7 PM and will be followed by Q&A with you and other key people from the film.

Hosted by Rev. James Mellon . The Global Truth Life Center is at
11136 Magnolia Blvd. ~ North Hollywood, CA. 91601 ~ (818) 508-7171


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AwareGuide Top Transformational Films of 2012

Top Transformational Films of 2012 Results

The AwareGuide, the guide to life changing media, announced the results of the Top Transformational Films of 2012. The top films were selected as Viewer’s Choice and Editor’s Choice from over 30 films that were included in the voting, which included 3 films that are on this year’s Academy Award shortlist. Films were also chosen for the Impact Award and the Inspiration Award.

“A Transformational film” according to AwareGuide founder and CEO, Gary Tomchuk, “seeks to inspire the movement of society towards ideals, values and practices that create a better world for everyone. They focus on solutions, not problems for issues such as: CONSCIOUSNESS, ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, HEALTH, INSPIRATION and SOCIAL ISSUES.”

The Viewer’s Choice Award winners were selected by over 15,000 people from more than 50 countries that voted. This year there was a clear winner with Genetic Roulette receiving the most votes. Meanwhile the voting was quite close for other positions. The complete results for the 30 films in the voting can be found on the AwareGuide website (

The Top Transformational Films of 2012 Viewer’s Choice are:

1. Genetic Roulette
2. My Reincarnation
3. Hungry for Change
4. Escape Fire
5. The Cure Is…
6. People vs State of Illusion
7. Who Bombed Judi Bari?
8. Heist: Who Stole the American Dream
9. Eyes of Thailand
10. Green Fire
11. Sacred Science
12. 3 Magic Words
13. Bully
14. Dreams Awake
15. Decoding Deepak
16. Samsara
17. Invisible War
18. America the Beautiful
19. The Way
20. Project Happiness
21. Pink Ribbons, Inc
22. Bella Gaia
23. Sushi – The Global Catch
24. Last Call at the Oasis
25. Detropia
26. Surviving Progress
27. Cafeteria Man
28. Urban Roots
29. Island President
30. Choice Point
The Editor’s Choice selections were selected by the AwareGuide staff, editors and reviewers as films that embody the best of transformation and filmmaking.

The film chosen for the 2012 Impact Award is Cafeteria Man. This documentary is having the type of impact a transformational film is made for. The film follows the work of Tony Geraci and the ambitious effort to ‘green’ the public school diet serving 83,000 students in Baltimore. Tony has since moved on to Memphis, and school systems around the country are making changes. A close runner up for the Impact Award goes to Genetic Roulette which takes on the issues of Genetically Modified food products and its effect on our health. The overwhelming support for this film shows that it is only a matter of time before GMO labeling laws are passed.

The 2012 Inspiration Award goes to Bella Gaia. Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, award winning filmmaker and composer Kenji Williams created Bella Gaia to simulate this transformative effect. It also presents real NASA data on how our planet is changing, which accompanied by his live violin at performances leaves audiences transformed and inspired.

A new award this year is the Youth Award, which goes to Project Happiness which follows youths from three continents as they interview George Lucas, Richard Gere and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the nature of lasting happiness. Then, they travel to India for an unforgettable private audience with the XIV Dalai Lama.

“There were so many good films delivering important messages, and giving us hope for a better future, that it was challenging to select the top films” says AwareGuide Founder Gary Tomchuk. “The AwareGuide helps people find these films and increase their impact.” In addition to the Top Transformational Films awards, the AwareGuide releases other Top lists throughout the year, and is the source for information about transformation media.

Thank you for coming to vote for the Top Transformational Films of 2012. We aplogize for any problems that you may have had in voting – there were so many people voting it overloaded our servers and we needed to upgrade! Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date on Top Transformational Films and other events throughout the year!

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It is a crucial time in our spiritual evolution and it’s time to release 3 Magic Words to the world.   We need everyone’s help
to get the word out.  There are so many ways you can support 3 MAGIC WORDS and help us create real change on the planet.
If just 1/3 of the population shifted to a higher consciousness we could change the world.

1. Watch 3 Magic Words online – Currently available on iTunes, Blockbuster, Amazon and many VOD platforms. (see website)
2. Forward this email to your friends and co-workers and ask them to do the same.
3. Like 3 MAGIC WORDS FAN PAGE on Facebook:
comment and post the youttube trailer on your facebook wall, share with your networks
4. “Follow” 3 MAGIC WORDS ON Twitter:
tell your followers, post a link to the 3 MAGIC WORDS TRAILER and comment on it:
5. Add to your Netflix Queue!
6. Give a positive review & rating on Netflix or Amazon
7. Join our email list on the website and receive updates and newsletters

Help us change the world and please contribute to the new global shift in consciousness
We greatly appreciate all your efforts!

Love and Gratitude,

Starseed Films
A Metaphysical Film Company

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Sustainable Domes

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