Whole Life Times Oct/Nov 2012

3 Magic Words starts with an interesting concept. If you woke up in a hospital having lost your memory and had no clue about your life, your first question would be, “Who am I?” You would know you exist, but not much more. With that as its basis, the film sets off to explore who we are.

There is definitely food for thought in this movie, though the many special effects at times at times blur the lines about what is real. Are we in a dream? A meditation? An altered state? And perhaps that is the director’s intention. There are dream sequences of an addiction-prone woman searching for her higher self by connecting with nature—smelling flowers, wandering along the beach, watching the sunset—and meditating. And everything has a golden glow, as if what we’re watching has been touched by the hand of some higher power.

We hear plenty of wisdom offered by authors, scientists, spiritual mentors and even a couple of kids—out of the mouths of babes. Each expounds his or her own thoughts and opinions on the divinity within us and the relationship of humans to nature and the cosmos. All readily share their “astounding discoveries,” those aha moments when something previously elusive suddenly makes everything fall into place. And that is, indeed, the takeaway from this film: those life-changing discoveries that redirect our lives.

The film delivers on its promise of the three magic words you need to know to radically shift your life, bring you peace and compassion, and let you reprogram your subconscious. So sit back, relax, and allow the New Age soundtrack to wash over you as you take it all in.

—Suzanne Jakes

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