Paranormal Utopia:  This film shouldn't be missed by anyone

June 5, 2011


I was recently honored with a screening of the new documentary ‘3 Magic Words‘.  This is something that I had been waiting for since I first saw the trailer.  I was very excited to be able to see the film and frankly, I was not disappointed by any means.  The new film, by Michael Perlin, is brought to us by Starseed Films and features some of the spiritual communities greatest names including Kute Blackson and Amoraea Dreamseed among other favorites and is currently available for screening in theaters around the country and world, and is also available for screening online.

What becomes apparent in the trailer is that there are 3 magic words that will change your life.  Perlin invited a slew of gurus and teachers in the field of spirituality to discuss the basics of discovering yourself and who you truly are and what the three words are that can change everything.  The 54 minute film offers a beginner’s guide to self discovery and a philosophy that has become a widely held belief  and is even evidenced in many of the sought after spiritual texts of the world.  It does this while following a self destructive young woman who has recently awoke from a coma and doesn’t know who she is, and the process of that journey.

The visual journey Perlin takes you on is also a beautiful and serene setting with almost fantasy like backgrounds and visuals and is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.  The very act of watching the film is comparable to a relaxing meditation session being guided by some of the wisest beings in the world.  No matter what kind of mood you’re in before watching the film, you’ll be magically transported into a whimsical place that will facilitate the process of higher frequency thoughts and intentions.

While it seems the film’s message was intended for beginners on the spiritual self discovery path, there is still much wisdom from such great minds that its still a good film for viewers who are more advanced on their journey.  Films of this type always seem to inspire the philosopher inside of us and 3 Magic Words does that in the span of your lunchbreak at work, or the bus ride home, an intelligent move on Perlin’s part to make this an even simpler film to watch for those periods of the day we need to segment our intentions and readjust our thought process after the negative energy we’ve encountered throughout the day.

Overall, this is a film that shouldn’t be missed by anyone at any spiritual level.  The attention to detail, knowledge and wisdom the film offers should be appreciated and its easy to see how much of his heart and soul Michael Perlin put into the film.  Whether online, in the theater or when it is released on DVD, put this on your must see list.  I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well.

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"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"