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3 Magic Words The movie that teaches love, divinity, and the oneness of humanity. This powerful film explores our essential oneness. Spiritual awakenings and insights may be familiar, and more complex ideas about the ego, forgiving ourselves and others are carefully woven in. 3 Magic Words considers nature, quantum physics, philosophy and geometry with mind-expanding insights of consciousness as they apply to each and every one of us in everyday life. The film teaches us how to take our daily existence to new levels of potentiality by changing the way we see ourselves and the world, and there are interviews with some of the planet’s most prolific teachers of metaphysics.

Throughout the film, there is a call to action based on the rights of all of us to live on a safer, cleaner, more peaceful planet. Every one of us is interconnected; if we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves: this is the crucial message that 3 Magic Words conveys. We are right now, this moment, being asked to prepare for a new era in consciousness. The depth and clarity of Michael Perlin’s work in this film is to be commended. You’ll need to watch 3 Magic Words to discover the magic words, although you may have already guessed what they are... Ellie Blair

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"This is not just a movie...It's an Experience!"