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Future Projects in Development:

The film about a mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh from another world that suggests

a connection between extraterrestrials and Ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty.

The life and science of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla who set out to change the
world of fossil fuels and energy monopolies. He revolutionized the technological
world giving us radio, rotary engines, x rays, motors, microwaves, radar, AC power,
robots, remote control, and even had a plan to provide wireless free energy to the
entire world before the plan was shut down by those in power.

A young man battles his own mind to discover the truth about UFOs, Crop Circles, 
Government Conspiracies, Extraterrestrial Gods and World Domination.

A scientist discovers the missing link in Einstein's equation, taking him on an

adventure around the world where he meets the masters of mysticism who
teach him that the world is not quite what it seems

A love story set in the backdrop of ancient Atlantis.

The movie about the legend of Extraterrestrial giants with advanced
technology who colonize the Earth thousands of years ago and proclaim
themselves as gods.

The story of a master alchemist who attains immortality and works for
generations toward the gradual enlightenment of mankind.

Michael Perlin is the the director, writer and producer of "3 Magic Words". He is a the author of "Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics", a mystical adventure into Earth's history, lost civilizations and hidden knowledge.   He has worked as an editor, sound engineer and visual quality technician for many major motion pictures. Michael was involved with metaphysical studies in 1992.  When he began his search for a common theme from all the great philosophers and spiritual teachers in history, he came across a book called “Three Magic Words: The Key To Power, Peace, and Plenty” by Uell Stanley Andersen copyright 1954. This became his inspiration to create the movie and to help others on the path to a higher consciousness.

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