“Many of the inmates have seen What the Bleep,  Thrive,  The Secret, What on Earth,etc. I think 3 Magic Words will have the most impact!”-Blaze Compton, Oregon State Penitentiary


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Discover The 3 Magic Words

This is a crucial time in human evolution where war, religious sectarianism and racial discrimination are becoming tiresome to many. So many people are still attached to their color, their creed and the country they were born in. Separation consciousness has caused man to identify with his religion and country, causing a worldwide distortion of spirituality.   So what is the solution? How do we unite with each other like we’ve never done before?

Awaken The Hidden Power Within You

We truly live in amazing times.  We have come to a new understanding of how nature, science and consciousness all work together. Is there a hidden power in the mind that can be activated to help us achieve our fullest potential?   3 Magic Words explores this power and ignites the spark that can be awakened in our very own consciousness.  This “awakening”  will take you on an adventure of self-discovery and lead you into becoming a more evolved human being so that you can be happier, have better relationships, manifest more easily, accomplish your goals, act with more compassion, have more mental clarity,  more success in your life and make a real difference in the world. The 3 magic words are here to reveal an amazing truth about who you are and the power that this realization gives you. It is a concept that shifts your consciousness, awakens your true potential and can transform you and everyone on the planet.

Can Three Words Change The World?

If you want to change your life, or if you just want to have a greater spiritual connection,  if you want learn how to be the greatest version of who you are, the transformation has to start from within. We now know that we live in an eternal universe. We now know about the illusory nature of matter. We will soon discover the true nature of who we really are and the power that we all have.  What three words can we speak to reprogram our subconscious mind? What three words can we use to experience a positive appreciation for everything that we have, live in the present moment and give us the feeling of total joy and happiness? Imagine being able to consciously direct your thoughts, overcome limiting beliefs, fears, negativity and pain. Imagine leaving the past behind and living in the present moment, feeling complete happiness and peace as a co-creator or your life. Imagine loving your life. Imagine loving yourself.

A New Era In Consciousness

The human mind has extraordinary powers and you can tap into these powers to live the life you were meant to live. When your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with who you truly are, you will start enjoying each moment. You will stop judging other people. You will no longer see anything as a conflict or worry. You will develop a new appreciation and always feel a divine connectedness with others and with nature and discover how to truly manifest and direct your life. Once you awaken to this new understanding, you can shift your perception and shift your consciousness. It is not an issue of whether or not we CAN make a difference. We DO make a difference. Everything we do, say, and think, shapes our reality and what we attract in our lives. The 3 magic words are here to lift you into a higher consciousness that will change the way you live your life and change the way you see the world. They can help you to open your eyes and finally see your connection to all that is around you. They will awaken you to the reality that you can create exactly the life you want by realizing who you truly are and activating that hidden potential inside your mind.   If you are ready for that, then check out the 3 Magic Words movie. You’ll be really glad you did.

Michael Perlin –
Director of 3 Magic Words

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